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Mentorship Programs

At the Scripps Research Institute's Alcohol Research Center of Excellence (TSRI-ARC) - P60, our dedication to outreach and educational programs, particularly for high school students, stands at the forefront of our mission to meld research with education and community involvement. Our center is committed to addressing and reducing health disparities through innovative research, with a particular emphasis on understanding the impact of alcohol and its effects on the brain. Beyond our cutting-edge scientific endeavors, we place a significant emphasis on nurturing the next generation of scientists through our comprehensive high school programs. These initiatives are designed to inspire and educate young minds about the complexities of neurological sciences and the importance of research in understanding substance use disorders. Through interactive, virtual mentorship programs, workshops, and annual events, TSRI-ARC aims to foster a deep-seated passion for STEM fields among underrepresented minority students, thereby enriching the scientific community with diverse perspectives and innovative problem solvers.

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