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Exploring the Brain: Insights from Neuroscientist Catherine Lopez

Meet Catherine Lopez! From a young age, Catherine Lopez was captivated by the wonders of science. Despite originally dreaming of becoming a veterinarian and later a marine biologist, her passion for discovery led her to pursue a career in neuroscience. After high school, Catherine plunged into the world of STEM, interning at various labs to gain hands-on experience. She encountered both joys and challenges along the way, which she overcame with resilience and support from peers and advisors. This journey, marked by diverse scientific explorations, eventually shaped Catherine’s career path and brought her into the field of neuroscience.

At The Scripps Research Institute, Catherine now contributes to groundbreaking research on alcoholism and the brain. As a Research Assistant in the Contet Lab, she uses mice models to understand the neurological underpinnings of alcohol addiction. Her day-to-day work involves a mixture of training others in histology and immunohistochemistry, conducting behavioral tests, and analyzing brain tissue. This multifaceted role allows her to bridge her interests in science and her commitment to finding real-world solutions for complex problems like addiction. Her dedication to scientific exploration and the diverse skills she's acquired make her an invaluable member of the Scripps research community.

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