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From Puzzles to Biopsychology: Meet Dr. Allison White

Meet Dr. Allison White! Allison White's journey into STEM is marked by curiosity and determination. From an early age, she was drawn to puzzles and problem-solving, which naturally led her to excel in math and science. After completing high school, she attended UC Santa Barbara, where she initially explored environmental sciences before finding her true calling in biopsychology. Realizing her passion for understanding the brain and behavior, she worked as a research technician in the pharmaceutical industry before pursuing a PhD at West Virginia University in cellular and integrative physiology. It was through these diverse experiences that Allison honed her skills and solidified her path in scientific research, leading her to her current postdoctoral position at The Scripps Research Institute.


At The Scripps Research Institute's Alcohol Research Center (TSRI-ARC), Allison White dives into the intricate relationship between the brain and alcoholism. Her work involves using advanced microscopy and precise tissue sectioning to study brain structures and functions affected by alcohol addiction. Through her meticulous research, Allison aims to uncover the cellular and molecular mechanisms driving addictive behaviors. Her ultimate goal is to develop innovative treatments for addiction, blending her deep understanding of neuroscience with a commitment to public health. Allison’s dedication to her field not only furthers scientific knowledge but also offers hope for those battling addiction.

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